Please read through the frequently asked questions before contacting us and before attending the show.

Q - What time is does the show start?

A - For spectators, the show opens at 11am and closes at 4.30pm.

Q - What time are the exhibits expected to arrive?

A - Classic Cars will not have entry to the show before 9.15am and are expected to be on display by 10.30am at the latest they cannot leave before 4.30pm due to access restrictions. When you receive your show pass you will also get a set of directions, please follow the prescribed route to the show. This may not be the quickest route but this is a traffic management and Health & Safety Issue as prescribed by the local police to prevent traffic gridlock. It also gives the town a "moving classic car show" as an added attraction.

Q - What kind of access is there to the showground?

A - There is only one entry and exit point for the classic cars and with over 300 on display, you may wish stay a while and enjoy the afternoon and not rush away.

Q - What kind of access is there for spectators cars?

A - There is no parking on the showground at all. Please use local car parks as indicated here.

Q - What if it is raining or expected to rain?

A - If the weather looks inclement, please take a look at our website or the Crash Box Club website for the latest info. If we do have to cancel, all classic car entrants who have given us an Email address will be notified with a "The show is cancelled" Email.

Q - Are dogs allowed on the showground?

A - We welcome well behaved dogs kept on a lead, with their owners in attendance.

Q - What facilities are there for food and refreshments?

A - Food and refreshments are available in the thatched clubhouse or many local outlets in the adjacent town centre.

Q - What is the cost of entry?

A - We do not make a public admission charge for spectators. However, this event is organised in order to raise money that can be put to good use within the town, so the Sidmouth Chamber of Commerce hope you will enjoy your visit to the show and we invite you to make a donation in one (or two) of the buckets around the showground.

Q - This year you have decided to ask owners to dress in the era of ther car as an ensemble. Do I have to dress up?

A - You do not have to dress up but it would be super if you would and you might even win a prize!

Q - Is there a show next year?

A - Our next show will be held on Saturday 21st September 2019.